We provide a high-performance, cost-effective, secure, compliant, scalable, adaptable,
cohesive ecosystem that simplifies financial operations and eliminates key dependencies.


We started
from scratch.

So you don’t have to.

Financial firms are struggling to keep pace with seismic changes in technology, market structure and cybersecurity requirements, yet are constrained by complex, rigid and opaque legacy infrastructures.

The Deep Systems Approach: Trading, Research, Risk, Accounting, Compliance, CRM

We’ve solved this problem by building a next generation financial technology ecosystem focused on data, workflows and security.

Deep Systems: Secure, Compliant, Efficient, Extensible

The Deep Systems Approach

We start by deploying an extensible data ecosystem.

Then we wrap the data with state-of-the-art security protocols.

Finally, we layer applications around the secure datasets.

The result is a robust, scalable and adaptive platform that optimizes the operations of nearly any type of financial institution.

Deep Systems Secure, Compliant, Efficient, Extensible


  • focus
  • strategic vision
  • efficiency
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • performance


  • cost
  • implementation time
  • compliance risk
  • key-person risk
  • vendor integration
  • execution risk


  • Network Hosting
  • Colocation
  • Hardware Spec/Procurement
  • Data Storage
  • Market Data Access
  • Exchange Access
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Services

  • Workstation Management
  • Network/Connectivity
  • Unified Communications
  • Identity Management & Security
  • Virtual App and Desktop
  • Disaster Recovery/BCP
  • Remote Access/VPN
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Technology Support

Software Services

  • Market Data
  • Order Gateway
  • Position Management
  • Middleware
  • Customer Data
  • Frameworks
  • Unicast
  • Virtual Accounts

“Deep Systems’ expertise in managing Budo’s technology needs is only surpassed by their superior service and responsiveness.”

— Corey Fisher, Budo Trading

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