About Us

We are committed to building products and services that help our customers focus on the problems core to their success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver and manage cohesive, state-of-the-art, cost-effective and scalable technology solutions that simplify operations, reduce key-person dependencies and enable our customers to focus on the areas of their business where they derive the most value.

  • Infrastructure

    We believe infrastructure is the foundation of your business, but it shouldn’t be where you spend your time. Our offering is expansive, robust, and cost-effective. By "upsourcing" to Deep Systems, our clients can simultaneously simplify their technology operations and benefit from a more functional, scalable infrastructure footprint.

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  • Software Services

    Building or managing a full stack software environment requires in-house expertise in many areas that are not inherently valuable to a business. Our platform encompasses a feature set unparalleled in the marketplace, allowing you to focus internal development resources on software elements that are unique and valuable to your enterprise.

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  • IT Services

    The modern IT landscape has grown extremely complex. Managing it safely and effectively often requires a small army of staff. Our expertise in design and implementation ensures best practices across your entire organization; which leads to greater productivity, staffing efficiency, and compliance ease.

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Our Values

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    Be Our Own Customer

    We make it a practice to use our own solutions where possible. We feel this leads to understanding our products better, improving solutions, and aligning our customers’ needs with our own.

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    Empower Individuals

    It is our belief that a healthy culture means empowering individuals and valuing their contributions. We have an outstanding team of people who thrive on challenge and ownership of problems.

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    Too often vendors are opaque and obfuscate their customer from key pieces of information. We feel customers should have a full line of sight into our team and the solutions we provide.

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    In many situations, vendors and their staff will look for an easy way out of addressing a problem. As part of our culture, we stress that the problem isn’t solved for us until it’s solved for our customer.

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    Product First

    Many organizations enable their sales teams to sell at all costs, which can present conflicts. We feel it’s important to avoid making sacrifices that have long-term potential to destabilize our business.

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    While the problems we are solving are often difficult and complex, their solutions should not be. We stress that solutions should be graceful and reliable to make the overall experience straightforward and easy.

Our Team

  • Kyle Tuskey

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kyle Tuskey is focused on providing business, product, and operational direction to Deep Systems. He leverages his diverse background in engineering, business, and trading to ensure the operation, products, and services are focused and have clear direction. In addition to this, he is responsible for the day to day operation of the overall business.

    Before Deep Systems, Kyle was the COO of Equitec Group where he was responsible for the operation of the trading and broker dealer entities. He started his career as a senior engineer for Archipelago and went on to build an algorithmic technology company, consult for multiple diverse institutions, hold a management role at NYSE Technologies, and run an electronic options market making unit at Cowen Group trading a large number of products.
  • Mark Cukier

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Mark Cukier leads the Infrastructure Division at Deep Systems. In addition to managing his team, Mark can be found pursing his passion for problem-solving, whether that be in the data center, in business development meetings, or in matching the best Deep Systems solution for customers’ individual needs.

    Previous to joining Deep Systems, Mark was the CTO of a Chicago area proprietary trading firm, and before that, the CIO at Victory Networks. Mark received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.
  • Edward

    Edward Schmidt

    Chief Operating Officer

    Edward Schmidt is responsible for running the IT Services Division at Deep Systems. For Edward, meeting customer needs is as much of an art as a science. He has utilized this philosophy as well as his many years of experience in technology, operations, and support to create an IT Services platform designed to both meet customers’ current needs and prepare them for future evolutions of technology.

    Prior to joining Deep Systems, Edward was the Head of Global Infrastructure at Cowen Group. Throughout his career he’s also held positions at UBS, JPMorgan Chase, AB, and NYSE Technologies. Edward graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia with a BS in Computer Information Systems.

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