Deep Systems offers an array of infrastructure services that provide a smart and stable operational foundation. Our services are built within a client's budget to meet technical and business requirements.

Low Latency

Latency's impact on business performance is increasing by the day. We’ve designed our colocation footprint to provide broad facility coverage with optimal physical paths.

  • Proximity

    Physical location is both strategic and critical in reducing overall latency. We provide clients with desirable space in the same facilities that the house exchange matching engines to provide the shortest path possible.

  • Easy Deployment

    Optimizing physical footprints often requires geographically dispersed facilities, making service a challenge. We provide facility services like equipment installation and hot hands to eliminate the need for clients to be on site.

  • Secure

    Critical business processes are served by equipment in our care. We use industry "best practices" to ensure that equipment is physically secured and that only authorized personnel have access to our space.

Cost Intelligent

Often clients have applications that do not require ultra low latency. For these applications, we provide high quality colocation space in more cost-effective facilities to reduce a client’s overall cost.


    Our cost-intelligent facilities are connected into our core network which provides the same broad access as our low latency space.


    Ultra low latency facilities command higher rates due to their proximity to venues. We are able to offer more cost-effective space while maintaining an uncompromisingly high level of quality.


    Since our services are consistent across both our low latency space and our cost-intelligent space, a client can choose to use either or both models.

Shared Model

Many firms mistakenly think they must purchase and manage their own networking equipment. In our colocation venues, we provide managed, shared switching, wherein a customer's traffic remains segregated to their own environment.


    Managing network equipment can be difficult, time consuming, and sensitive to change. We have a highly qualified team that effectively manages our shared environments to ensure security, reliability, and speed.


    While it may seem counterintuitive, shared environments can actually increase performance. Since this is a core offering of Deep Systems, our engineers focus on optimizing shared switching solutions.


    Firms often deploy large amounts of capital on dedicated network equipment that is not utilized anywhere near its capacity. In a shared environment, clients only pay for the networking resources they need.

Dedicated Model

There are clients that prefer to control and manage their own network switching. We accommodate their chosen switching solutions without imposing limitations.


    Clients that prefer this model can control the entire network stack. This includes but is not limited to the hardware deployed, how said hardware is managed, as well as the network model and protocols.


    While a client can choose to manage the networking in their environment, they may still want connectivity to our core network. In most cases we can accommodate access to our core switches.


    For clients in need of assistance architecting or managing their customized network switching environment, we offer consultative and ongoing maintenance services to provide expertise or even helping hands.

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