Deep Systems offers an array of infrastructure services that provide a smart and stable operational foundation. Our services are built within a client's budget to meet technical and business requirements.

Raw Feeds

Some firms require direct network access to raw market data disseminated from the venues they interact with. We work with our clients to obtain venue approval for this data and provision it to their environments.


    Consumers of raw market data are generally latency sensitive. We architect our networks to target the least number of hops between the venue and our clients’ devices.


    Unless otherwise specified, we do not modify or shape the raw data feed in any way. This ensures that our clients will be able to receive and process the data feeds in the same way that the venue transmits them.


    We process many raw data feeds as part of our Software Services business and a number of our clients consume raw data. This often enables us to provide our customer base with timely, valuable information upfront or during an event.

Vendor Of Record

The landscape of market data is both dynamic and complex making it difficult to stay current. We assist our clients with upfront and ongoing compliance support and help them adapt to frequent rate changes.


    We employ an automated entitlement system that allows our team to efficiently and effectively permission data. This ensures we satisfy venue compliance obligations while remaining fast and reliable.


    Our clients value our assistance keeping them abreast of the latest rules and regulations regarding the use of venue data and the numerous, relevant fee and structure changes across the industry.


    Venues often require users to report which devices are receiving their data. There are frequent opportunities to decrease our client’s reporting burden by applying our automated processes and tools.

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