Deep Systems offers an array of infrastructure services that provide a smart and stable operational foundation. Our services are built within a client's budget to meet technical and business requirements.


Storage projects are often addressed with expensive, "overkill" solutions. We provide prebuilt storage solutions that scale up or down based on a clients changing needs.


    Storage is generally a key component of any environment and, as a result, failures usually have broad consequences. We architect our storage solutions to have physical, logical, and software redundancy.


    We offer multiple models for different profiles of storage need. Our high-performance model is architected for IOPS, latency and throughput by deploying optimized hardware and caching


    There are numerous profiles applicable to storage requirements. We work with a variety of technologies and techniques to match the size and profile with the appropriate performance and cost model.

Virtual Machines

In many cases, virtual machines offer a better model relative to bare metal solutions. In cases where the lowest latency isn’t a requirement, virtual machines offer robust features and resiliency.


    Our virtual machine infrastructure utilizes our storage infrastructure which provides a secure and reliable foundation. We deploy redundancy and failover features to further enhance reliability.


    Virtual machines are fast and easy to spin up since the hardware and network are already in place. Our clients are able to roll out new applications or solve problems quickly without waiting for hardware.


    Our default VM offering utilizes a shared hardware pool. However, clients have the option of reserving a dedicated pool of hardware and resources to meet their specific requirements.

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