IT Services

We have taken a holistic view of the entire enterprise and designed flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions utilizing the latest technologies in complementary and compliant ways. The result is a state-of-the-art IT Services model that that will meet the most stringent current and future performance and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner.


Many firms are still relying on dated phone systems that are expensive, difficult to maintain and introduce compliance risks. We have implemented options that provide a modernized telephony model.

  • VOIP

    Voice over IP has made major strides since it was introduced more than a decade ago. We have implemented a state-of-the-art system that can offer a compliant, feature-rich service anywhere that an internet connection is available.


    Many offices still rely on PBX systems that require on-site data centers, and at times, specialized connectivity. We offer hosted solutions to remove the burden of equipment and connectivity in the office.


    Office communications are no longer confined to conventional office settings. The solutions we implement support SMS, desktop applications, and mobile applications to enable communication from any location via a wide array of devices.

Hosted & Cloud Email

Email must be dependable and always available. We offer both hosted and cloud-based email services to provide reliable solutions that our clients can depend on.

  • OFFICE 365

    We partner with Microsoft to offer their cloud-based office platform for clients who don’t require hosted or on-premise solutions. Utilizing our Office 365 expertise, clients can maximize the functionality of this powerful platform.


    For clients that have unique requirements or prefer email infrastructure that is dedicated to their operation, we offer customized, cost-effective hosting of Microsoft Exchange environments.


    Businesses often require email archival to respond to legal or regulatory requirements. We provide solutions to archive, query, and recall messages with enforceable retention policies.

Chat & Messaging

While email and telephone are still the most popular forms of business communication, chat and other communications methodologies are gaining popularity. We offer support for multiple messaging systems, including important integrated compliance processes, to help clients adapt to the latest communication innovations.


    Among the many benefits of chat-based messaging is the ability to reach one or multiple people in real-time. Conversations can be impromptu, occur while other work is being performed, and offer quick help to simple problems.


    Modern chat applications offer tools like screen sharing, document review and sharing, automated bots, video chat, etc. Generally these features are available for many devices including your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.


    Chat can be an effective tool for communication but often times chat histories need to be retained or scanned for business, legal, or regulatory purposes. We offer tools to retain, search, and flag messages for our supported chat systems.

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