IT Services

We have taken a holistic view of the entire enterprise and designed flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions utilizing the latest technologies in complementary and compliant ways. The result is a state-of-the-art IT Services model that that will meet the most stringent current and future performance and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner.

Backup Services

Data has become the lifeblood of business. Losing that data can be catastrophic. We offer a number of backup options to ensure that multiple copies of your data are stored in multiple locations.


    We provide seamless backup of workstation data to protect against data loss, corruption, or unintentional removal.

  • FILE

    There may be critical files that reside outside of a workstation. We enable backup of shared corporate folders, data from servers, and any other data deemed valuable.


    Backup is generally the last line of defense, and as such it must be rock solid. We have a number of backup options, including multiple copies over several regions.

Business Continuity

Disasters are by nature unpredictable and can inflict both operational and financial pain. Business continuity planning ensures essential functions continue to operate during and after a disaster.


    Businesses differ in terms of the processes and information that are considered critical to maintaining the operation of key business functions. We provide a structured, consultative model to ensure the implementation of thoughtful and tailored continuity plans.


    As businesses evolve, their continuity plan can develop holes that can lead to serious consequences in the event of a disaster. We help to reduce this exposure by providing a model that includes scheduled reviews and updates to the continuity plans.


    Sound business continuity plans are necessary to satisfy insurance, legal, and regulatory requirements. Our team is experienced in developing continuity plans that meet or exceed the most rigorous requirements.

Disaster Recovery

A business continuity plan is the basis for building a disaster recovery plan. These are more technical plans designed for specific groups within the organization to allow for the recovery of one or more applications within the group.


    In addition to designing our services to be redundant, we have the tools and experience to help a client extend redundancy into their systems. This is critical to an overall architecture that is reliable and resilient.


    Where possible, we employ failover technology designed to provide a seamless experience to the end user. We architect recovery solutions to be unobtrusive in order to avoid complicated recovery processes that can in themselves cause outages.


    Architecting high availability and disaster recovery processes is not our finish line. We also design policies and procedures that include scheduled testing to ensure solutions are effective and to prevent unexpected surprises at critical times.

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