IT Services

We have taken a holistic view of the entire enterprise and designed flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions utilizing the latest technologies in complementary and compliant ways. The result is a state-of-the-art IT Services model that that will meet the most stringent current and future performance and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner.

Directory Services

Active Directory is the basis for managing the access and policies of your employees. We provide the facilities to manage directory instances locally, in our data centers, or in a distributed manner.


    Deep Systems assists with the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees while maintaining a full audit history. We coordinate with your team to schedule any additions, removals, or changes to your user directory.


    Active Directory requires a user to provide credentials to gain access to your corporate environment. We will help you design and implement the permissions, roles, and responsibilities that are appropriate for your environment.


    Active Directory is a centralized location that provides the capacity to define various levels of policy. We'll help you define policies to ensure consistency with organizational goals.

Single Sign-On

Increasingly employees are responsible for performing day to day tasks in multiple systems. Single Sign-on allows users to securely login once, granting secure access to all their systems without separate login.


    One of the productivity boosting benefits of our single sign-on solution is a dashboard which acts as a central location where users are able to login once then, seamlessly and securely, access all their applications.


    Our single sign-on solution seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing directory services. This enables the solution to provide ease of use for employees without adding additional management complexity.


    Often times security solutions can add additional complications for employees and decrease overall productivity. Our single sign-on solutions are intuitive to use and make accessing multiple systems easy.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In today's workforce, productivity happens at home, on the road, or any number of places outside of the office. Multi-factor authentication adds an important layer of safety, increasing confidence that remote access to your system is done in a secure manner.


    To gain access to your secured applications a user provides a second form of identification that is only known to them. This greatly reduces the chance that a compromised password alone can overcome your security.


    While multi-factor authentication can greatly increase your overall security, it does require an additional step by the employee. Setting policies allows the client to decide what conditions should require the additional step.


    In additional to the credential-based security provided by multi-factor authentication, our solution provides additional adaptive profiling for added security. This includes monitoring threat feeds and suspicious IPs.

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