IT Services

We have taken a holistic view of the entire enterprise and designed flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions utilizing the latest technologies in complementary and compliant ways. The result is a state-of-the-art IT Services model that that will meet the most stringent current and future performance and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner.

Virtual Desktops

In addition to the traditional model of supporting on-site equipment, we have implemented solutions to deliver desktops remotely. The desktop lives in data centers but can be delivered anywhere a thin client is available.


    With a virtual desktop, clients can easily access their workspace from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. This can include carrier connections from a phone or mobile internet device.


    You can access the desktop with a broad range of devices including purpose built thin clients, other machines, or small mobile devices. This allows clients to avoid expensive hardware refresh cycles.


    Unlike physical desktops, virtual desktops are designed for data center level redundancy and failover. Practically speaking, this lessens the impact of a user's equipment problem and translates into quick and seamless recovery in event of a failure.

Virtual Applications

More and more, employees need access to corporate applications and/or remotely-hosted applications from their personal devices. Virtual applications provide a secure and efficient container-based model for access to these applications.


    Clients can easily and securely access their virtual application suite on nearly any device. Applications can be setup to appear like any other local application or can be accessed from a web portal via a browser.


    Virtual applications are installed in data centers and can be centrally managed. A single update point eliminates the challenges of pushing coordinated changes out across an entire corporate environment.


    Since applications are managed on the server side, clients can control versioning for their users. This facilitates easier staging and ensures all production users launch the same version of the application.

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