IT Services

We have taken a holistic view of the entire enterprise and designed flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions utilizing the latest technologies in complementary and compliant ways. The result is a state-of-the-art IT Services model that that will meet the most stringent current and future performance and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner.

Remote Support

Ensuring a high quality overall experience means providing employees with personal attention. We have a talented staff to help when an employee has a question or needs help resolving an issue.


    Modern work environments span beyond the brick and mortar of a conventional office building. Our remote support model is available in office, on the road, and from home to ensure that you can continue your work from anywhere.


    Conventionally, physical access might be required to answer a question or fix an issue. Our tools allow us insight into non-sensitive information about a device and, with permission, we can resolve issues in the background.


    There are instances when an issue is best resolved by sharing or taking control of a machine. We utilize tools that allow us, with single instance employee-authorized access, to resolve issues while still respecting privacy.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring ensures that we can remotely manage a client while maintaining detailed insight into the environment. Although transparent to the end user, this insight is key in detecting exceptional behavior.


    Many IT issues manifest in subtle ways before they become a problem. Real-time monitoring tools allow us to detect and address issues before they escalate into real problems.


    Having a skilled team available and remotely monitoring a client’s environment reduces the burden on internal resources. This reduced burden can lead to a cost savings and a team more focused on key initiatives.


    Real-time monitoring enables us to capture performance data and gain deeper insight into the technical environment. We can familiarize ourselves with normal patterns of client systems behavior and focus attention on areas that warrant it.

Antivirus & Patching

Antivirus protection and system patching are critical to running a reliable and safe environment. As they say, "the devil is in the details", so we have implemented solutions to address the more detailed needs of managing these processes across an enterprise.


    In a world of increasingly challenging cyber security risks and regulatory obligations, protecting your resources is among our top priorities. We implement tools to keep antivirus and OS / 3rd party software up to date, and assist with exception remediation.


    While keeping environments safe is critical, it shouldn’t come at an operational or productivity cost. We work with clients to implement scheduling that fits their working patterns in order to avoid any operational disruption.


    Consistency is a key part of running environments that are secure and stable. Our tools allow us to implement one or multiple policies to ensure that Deep Systems' managed technology environments are flexible and do not suffer from inconsistent or lax policy enforcement.

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