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Big Data is revolutionizing the financial sector at a time when firms are seeking greater operational efficiency. We have created a state-of-the-art data ecosystem containing robust components and work flows that simplify and shorten the development cycle.

Analysis Framework

The Big Data era has created new opportunities for firms that discover ways to monetize huge data sets. We’ve designed an agnostic way to view, store, and process key information to better analyze real-time and historical data sets.


    To provide useful and accurate analytics, clients define what events they consider to be key information. This information can be any field or groups of fields, rolling samples or data sets, or any other samples that provide value.


    A client has the choice of storing the data in a well-defined file format and/or broadcasting the information over our messaging systems. Results can be viewed or processed in real-time, or saved for future processing.


    Our tools facilitate iterative analysis of large market data sets along with real-time feedback from trading systems. A practical use of these analytics is post trade analysis or in developing and tuning signals.

Beacon Framework

The old paradigm for monitoring systems availability focuses on whether certain system processes are alive or dead. We've architected a much more sophisticated model for managing overall system health and current system capabilities.


    Our system is designed to allow a process to determine service characteristics and availability. By doing so, the process can decide whether the necessary components are in the proper state to accomplish an objective.


    As with any resilient system, our beacon system provides a mechanism to broadcast the current state of the service. This allows other processes to make informed decisions on how to interact with the overall system.


    The breadth of information contained in our beacon facilitates more sophisticated real-time monitoring. Exceptions can be handled in more detailed and pragmatic ways, well beyond the industry’s existing paradigm of basic client notification.

Notification Framework

Notifications are an important component of managing critical production systems, but are often relegated to simple emails. We support an agnostic notification framework that can notify clients of an issue using multiple mediums.


    By default, our core system will create notifications for any exception to expected operational behavior. These notifications provide the basis for a client to monitor the health and state of their extensions to the Deep Systems platform.


    Clients can create custom notifications for exceptions to the operational behavior of their extensions to the system. These user-defined messages permit a notification model as granular as the client desires.


    Out of the box, we support multiple models for issuing notifications. The architecture of the notifications system is extensible and allows for easy implementation of a 3rd party notification model.

Profiling Framework

Understanding the performance characteristics of a system is an important part of creating consistent results. Profiling can provide important performance data on production systems or development systems before they are released.


    In production systems, it is generally not possible to issue performance feedback on every event. For this reason, we sample all events over a sampling period and issue performance details over the life of the sample.


    The performance characteristics of a service can provide an indication of the health of that service or the health of the overall system. We broadcast these performance samples for aggregated insight into overall performance.


    Acceptable performance thresholds vary between systems. Deep Systems enables users to configure appropriate thresholds for their own system performance exceptions.

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