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Big Data is revolutionizing the financial sector at a time when firms are seeking greater operational efficiency. We have created a state-of-the-art data ecosystem containing robust components and work flows that simplify and shorten the development cycle.

Position Management

We provide the technical bookkeeping necessary to load positions at the start of the day and apply position updates from different sources throughout the day. This provides a consistent, reliable, and current source for positions.


    Our position management protocols are deeply integrated throughout our platform fostering consistency across trading, risk management, external views, and any other system that requires positions to accomplish its objective.


    While our system automatically handles most situations, we support manual position adjustments. Examples of this would include trade breaks, brokered transactions or account movements.


    Position management is among the most critical components of a financial system and must always be available. We've architected our platform to decentralize the management of positions, thus making the system more resilient.

Order Recovery

Of the many critical components in a financial technology platform, the order management system is near the top of the list. We recognize the the risks inherent in an outage and have architected the Deep Systems platform with robust and reliable order recovery processes.


    Order recovery should ensure that a full order state can be reinstated. Our order recovery mechanism restores the entire lifecyle of orders, allowing the recovering process to rebuild its full state.


    Order recovery is only possible if you have all order data stored in an accessible and reliable way. We’ve built a reliable, high speed, redundant storage system to support a high volume of order traffic utilizing multiple storage locations.


    Clients may want to recover or access a subset of information among a larger order data set. We provide a mechanism to query the larger data set and return only the targeted data.

Clearing Integration

Larger clients may utilize multiple clearing/prime broker relationships. We integrate with a number of clearing entities thus decreasing the technical dependency on a specific clearing firm.


    The Deep Systems platform manages the start of day process of loading and reconciling positions from one or more clearing firms. The process is designed to handle various secure file dropping models or proprietary APIs.


    We help prevent costly errors with reconciliation tools to compare system data with clearing records in order to detect trade breaks or other accounting issues.


    Timely awareness can often mitigate large risk exposures. Our notification system can expedite the resolution of exceptions by notifying interested parties.

Virtual Accounts

Financial operations have varying levels of complexity in their strategies, groups and accounts. We've designed a virtual account system that can model the intended structure of an operation without any compromises.


    A client can design their virtual accounting structure to be as granular or as coarse as they desire. A trade can be attributed to any logical entity in the operation including trader, strategy, group, or account.


    Clients can design trade groups in any way that makes sense for their operation to create a tailored virtual account structure. Trades can be attributed to one or many groups with no restrictions in the way they are grouped.


    Our virtual account system is deeply integrated throughout the Deep Systems platform. This allows for consistency across clearing, trading, risk management and any other account-based system.

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