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Big Data is revolutionizing the financial sector at a time when firms are seeking greater operational efficiency. We have created a state-of-the-art data ecosystem containing robust components and work flows that simplify and shorten the development cycle.

Managed Feeds

We provide low latency hosted and managed feeds to allow for easy and efficient normalized market data access. By hosting and managing the feeds, we reduce the customer footprint necessary to process market data.


    Deep Systems hosts the normalization of market data feeds. As result customers manage a smaller, more focused and cost-efficient software footprint.


    Upon subscribing to market data, the customer receives a current snapshot followed by updates. This allows for starting or re-starting intra-day with accurate data.

  • LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2

    Deep Systems provides access to both Level 1 and Level 2 data. Customers need only subscribe to the specific data required by their applications.

In-Process Feeds

In-Process feeds provide the ability to process and normalize raw market data in the same process as your code. This reduces the number of network hops and reduces overall latency for data normalization.


    By being in the same process, the client benefits from normalizing and accessing raw market data with no additional hops. This provides a model to solve the most latency sensitive problems without adding additional complexity.


    In-Process feeds are part of our optimized stack, including in-process gateways and inter-process messaging. For speed sensitive applications, these components provide a framework for a further reduction in latency.


    We offer in-process as a deployment model as opposed to a different software stack. Unlike competing systems, our in-process feeds offer the same robust feature set and feed coverage as our managed feed offering.

Reference Data

Our reference data system has been designed to support multiple asset classes as well as OTC instruments. In order to further simplify access, we maintain integrations to a multiple securities data sources.


    We integrate with a wide variety of source data, including files and feeds, to supply a securities list and the corresponding symbology for our customer's chosen venues. Our system monitors the process to identify any provider issues.


    In addition to loading symbology, we also load additional detailed security information. Examples of this data include security description, mapped symbols, contract size multipliers, price multipliers, and tick size.


    It may be desirable to augment the information reference provided by default. Our system permits the addition of user-defined fields to securities to provide a consolidated and reliable reference data set.


Some users prefer to reduce a market data set because they don't require it all or due to capacity constraints within their system. We offer sophisticated conflation tools that allow a customer to tactically decrease the amount of market data they consume.


    Market data can be filtered to remove any changes that don’t exceed a minimum change in price or size. Filters can drastically reduce the data rates and performance requirements of a client’s downstream systems.


    In some cases, it may be preferable to have data rates metered by time interval or overall data rate. This form of conflation allows for predictable rates of data regardless of the size and spikes of the feed being consumed.


    In addition to out-of-the-box models, we support the implementation of custom models built utilizing our conflation framework. Clients can deploy conflation models that match their applications or their optimal data shaping requirements.

Book Management

Better performance starts with better inputs. Our flexible book management framework contains customization tools that can access pricing levels unique to a market and/or aggregate book data from multiple venues.


    Users can specifically identify venue groups to be included in their book aggregation. This allows clients to access the NBBO for all markets or the BBO for one, or multiple, venues in the same program.


    We provide the ability to access all levels of the book for the selected venues. This may include the BBO for a venue, the BBO for a group or NBBO for the entire market, or all the levels provided by a depth feed.


    In markets that support implied market data, we maintain the order book for both the implied and outright books. This allows the client to access one or both order books without writing and maintaining additional code.

Feed Enrichment

Some of the more sophisticated users of market data prefer to augment the market data feed with additional data for downstream processes. We provide a facility for extending the native data supplied by the data feed.


    We have made data extensibility as unobtrusive as possible for development and deployment. Clients can provide their enhancements without affecting any feed code or complicating maintenance of the data feeds they are enhancing.


    The client is in full control of what data is augmented and how it is augmented. This can included derived calculations, static data attachments, data from other feeds, and any other information the user chooses.


    Data enhancements are fully configurable. This can include the enabling/disabling of enhancements, changing the types of enhancements, or the behavior of a particular enhancement.


We have an automated, proprietary entitlements system that provides a layer of security and dramatically reduces the amount of client resources required to meet exchange and regulatory obligations. It serves as a permissioning system and simultaneously audits data feed consumption.


    Our entitlements system is enforced at the switch which allows us to utilize a mature and optimized access control system. Switch access controls have been a proven and reliable method of segregating and controlling data access.


    By utilizing access controls provided by the switch, we do not add any additional complexity or layers to delivering data. Switch access controls are already in place in most environments and come at negligible incremental latency.


    The entitlements system can be used to provision a specific data feed to one or many devices on the network. A subset of a data feed can be provisioned as opposed to the entire feed.

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